School Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

Location: Kismayo, Abudwak, Hiiran and Bardera
Creating a productive, safer and more child friendly learning environment

Supported more than 10 schools with school hygiene sanitation facilities and school

materials and build 1 library.

Partners: Oxfam Novib, ARAHA

Schermafbeelding_2013-05-16_om_23.33.31.pngIn order to create a productive and child friendly learning environment, HIRDA supports the rehabilitation and reconstruction of school buildings and classrooms. To reduce overcrowding, classrooms were reconstructed to standard classroom sizes. HIRDA has supported classroom constructions in Bardera, Beledweyn and Abudwak. To complete the improvements, HIRDA provided these schools with furniture, school materials and textbooks.

In 2007, HIRDA also constructed a school library in the Dr. Kasim School in Bardera in South-Central Somalia. Both students and teachers benefit from the library service as it enables them to broaden their knowledge and view and developing their skills in conducting research and information gathering. After constructing and rehabilitating the schools, HIRDA encourages the community to take over the responsibility. This creates a sense of ownership and increases the self-reliance and responsibility of Somali communities. From 2011- 2015 HIRDA will renovate at least one school. To enhance this program, HIRDA also aims to improve the hygienic conditions. Read more on this program under "School Hygiene & Sanitation". 

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