Eliminating Illiteracy


Gedo, Hiiraan and Galguduud


To empower women in Somalia so they become independent and autonomous


237 women received a literacy as well as a financial literacy training


Oxfam Novib, IMPACT Alliance (MFSII)



literacy_training.jpgIlliteracy in Somalia is high, particularly among Somali women it is estimated to be between 85 and 90 percent. Because the ability to read and write is crucial for women in order to strengthen their social and political position within the community, HIRDA offers literacy courses in Somalia. The courses are provided by qualified locals, who are trained by HIRDA staff members, at the Women Empowerment Centres in Somalia. On top of that, for the women in business, HIRDA provides also financial literacy trainings to boost their financial skills and to support them in their current business, or to give them the opportunity to start their own business.

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