Empowerment of Women


Garbaharey, Galkalo, Abudwak, Bardera


To strengthen the self-reliance of women, to enhance their involvement in negotiation and decision-making processes and to raise awareness on the harmful consquences of FGM.


Establishment of 4 Women Empowerment Centres: in each centre over 1000 women are registered, and they are engaged in various activities, increasing their social and political participation. In these centres trainings are provided in the fields of literacy, finance and entrepreneurship.


Oxfam Novib, IMPACT Alliance (MFSII)



In order to provide the opportunity for women to meet each other and to discuss social issues that are affecting them HIRDA has established four Women Empowerment Centres (WECs) in South and Central Somalia. In these WECs women receive training on (financial) literacy, microfinance and how to become self-resilient. Additionally in these centres, HIRDA has provided numerous awareness-training sessions on women empowerment, and hygiene and sanitation. The WECs also provide a good opportunity to reach the Somali women about the lifelong dreadful consequences of female genital mutilation (FGM) WECs have become business and training centres, where women receive the chance to empower themselves and to be financially independent.

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