Job Opportunities for Women


Gedo, Hiiraan and Galgudud


To increase Somali women’s participation in society


  • 36 women in business, received microfinance aimed at boosting their business;

  • 16 women are involved in handcraft and receive a loan annually;

  • 20 women received training in management and decision-making.

job_opportunities_for_women.pngTo increase women’s participation in the Somali society, it is of key importance to create job opportunities for them. Only then the women have the chance to become independent and self-reliant, which empowers them to stand up for themselves and to make themselves heard in decision-making issues within their communities.

Providing microfinance that gives women the opportunity to start a business, or to improve the business they have, is an important focus area for HIRDA. In cooperation with the Women Empowerment Centres HIRDA selected 36 women. Besides microfinance, the women also received training in financial management to become knowledgeable on how to operate a business. The women took this chance and entered the market place. Their businesses that have been set up due to this project, are still running and performing well, stimulating local employment. 

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