Midwife Training


Abudwak, Bardera and Beled Hawo


To eradicate FGM by creating alternative job opportunities for female circumcisers and by involving them as ambassadors of the FGM campaign.


  • From 2011-2015 10 ex-female circumcisers will be trained yearly to become Traditional Birth Attendant.
  • 65 former female circumcisers successfully completed the training and received a certification in the last five years.
  • 45 of them are self employed and functioning as ambassadors of the FGM campaign.






In Somalia female circumcision is widely spread. More than 98 percent of the women have undergone this malpractice. It is extremely painful, especially since anaesthesia is not being used. On top of that, in rural areas the practice is often performed in un-sterile conditions, with the use of a knife, razor or a peace of broken glass. 

One way to reduce female genital mutilation (FGM) in Somalia is to persuade women circumcisers to change their profession from circumcisers to traditional birth attendants (TBAs), enabling them to work as midwives. By creating an alternative profession for these women HIRDA reduces the financial need for them to continue their profession. In this light, HIRDA provides training sessions of three months, focused on the application of sterilization, maternity skills and first aid. HIRDA trains these women to help mothers deliver safely and to raise awareness on maternal and child healthcare, and immunization. In addition, the TBAs play an important role, as ambassadors for the FGM campaign, in advocating against female circumcision.

When the training is finished successfully, the TBAs receive an official certification by HIRDA’s partner Karama (link). A part of them becomes employed in Mother and Child Healthcare Centres in Somalia (which also have been set up by HIRDA (maak link naar health care project)). There they manage the delivery rooms and assist the operating nurse in day-to-day activities at the Healthcare Centres. Others are working privately, as the demand for midwives is rising and TBAs can be deployed at health services spread over the country. 

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