Access to Clean Water and Sanitation


Beled Hawo (Gedo region) and Gara’ad (Puntland)


To improve the hygiene situation among IDPs and people affected by the Tsunami and enable access to clean water


  • Installed 30 latrines in 3 IDP camps, accommodating an estimated 4,000 households;

  • Realised 4 water tanks in these 3 IDP camps

  • Realised 16 water wells in Gara’ad, Puntland.


Comic Relief and IDRF

toiletten.pngThe drought and famine in the Horn of Africa resulted in a humanitarian crisis that left an estimated 250,000 people at risk of starvation. The drought immensely affected the regions in the central part of Somalia, causing high mortality rates. Thousands of people were forced to flee their homes, and walked for weeks through an anarchic landscape with no food and water, to reach make-shift IDP camps in Galgadud and Hiiraan, where the drought was less severe.

Approximately 4,000 people settled in the three IDP camps in Beled Hawo. Meanwhile, there was no access to clean drink water, nor were there any sanitation facilities in the IDP camps. These living conditions were extremely hard, and could lead to many spreading diseases affecting people’s health. To get water, people had to walk over 40 km, with the help of donkeys carrying the barrels of water. Therefore, HIRDA and Comic Relief have put their strengths together to improve the hygiene situation in the IDP camps. HIRDA manufactured thirty latrines and constructed four water tanks in the three IDP camps. As a result the internally displaced people have access to clean water and sanitation facilities, which contributes to the improvement of their life, miles away from home. 

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