Distribution of Food


Beled Hawo (Gedo), Awdinle, Anoole, Tubaako, MalmaKuus, Qotileey (Gedo), Mogadishu (Banaadir), South Somalia


To distribute food and means in response to the immediate need and the lack of resources of internally displaced people (IDP) in Somalia


Mobilised international aid agencies and the Somali Diaspora community to raise financial resources to realise relief projects. Food distribution to 756 households and distribution of medical aid packages in Mogadishu. Improving health situations among thousands of malnourished children.


Comic Relief, Human Concern International (HCI), Somali Relief Fund (SRF) and International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF)



In 2011 a severe drought affected the Horn of Africa causing an appalling increase in acute malnutrition. Somalia has been the worst affected country in this region due to the continued fighting for over two decades and the lack of a functioning central government until 2012. Thousands of families fled their homes and found shelter in camps established for internally displaced people (IDP), of which three have been established in Beled Hawo.

The main challenge has been that the Transitional Federal Government and the local communities did not have enough resources to support the IDP camps in the country. In order to increase and improve the food distribution to the IDP camps, HIRDA made a humanitarian donation appeal in 2011, urging international aid agencies and the Somali Diaspora community to respond to the severe drought in Somalia. In response Comic Relief set up an emergency fund for HIRDA, which made it possible to distribute food like rice, wheat flour, cooking oil and domestic utensils to 756 households in the Beled Amin and Beled Hawo IDP camps.

In close cooperation with Human Concern International (HCI) and Somali Relief Fund (SRF), HIRDA also distributed food in the Gedo region. Due to the contribution of the Somali and the Muslim community in Ottawa, Canada, HIRDA received 10,000 dollar to reach 500 households with maize, flour and cooking oil. On top of that HCI donated medical aid packages worth approximately 300,000 dollar to distribute in Mogadishu. The packages included baby milk products and other life-saving medicines, which benefited thousands of malnourished children and other sick people.

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