Emergency Schools in IDP camps


Beledweyne (Dhoomey IDP camp), South-Central Somalia.


To make basic education accessible to marginalised IDP children and to counter illiteracy among adolescents and adults.


Established a school in an IDP camp for 160 children and trained 4 teachers. School materials and uniforms have been distributed; 160 adults and adolescents gained literacy and numeracy skills.


International Development and Relief Fund (IDRF).

Picture_041.jpgIn the camps set up for the thousands of internally displaced people due to the political unrest and extreme draught, children are particularly disadvantaged with regard to their education. The lack of school facilities and materials hits the children in their educational development, which subsequently determines their future.

To positively change this discouraging situation for some children in Somalia, HIRDA built a school at the IDP camp in Beled Hawo and furnished the classrooms. The establishment of the school was made possible by HIRDA’s partner Africa Educational Trust, who also supported the distribution of educational books and teachers’ and scholars’ tutorials. Teaching materials like registers, chalk and stationary were provided. Also four teachers, two men and two women, have been trained to provide the lessons at the school.

In total 160 pupils got the chance to enrol and received school materials such as pencils, rubbers, pencil sharpeners and school uniforms. In order to counter inequality between boys and girls, HIRDA made sure that fifty percent of the pupils consisted of girls. In addition 160 adults and adolescents enrolled in the adult literacy classes in order to obtain or to improve their linguistic skills.

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