Mogadishu Peace Run 2013

Where: Mogadishu
Aim: To enhance the skills of the athletic coaches and athletes’ and to promote peace
  • 40 coaches and teachers learned the rules and regulations of athletics;
  • 3 sport events have been organized for boys and girls, including Mogadishu Peace for Schools, where over 1000 young athletes and students participated;
  • 4 workshops have been organised where coaches received handbooks and other sport materials;
  • 10 winners of the events received sport materials.
Partners: Nike, Somali Diaspora

Schermafbeelding_2013-06-13_om_14.31.49.pngMogadishu is getting its shine and sparkle back and the Somali Diaspora are contributing to stimulate the developments. Two Somali former athletes, Abdiwarsame Isaaq and Abdel Qadiir from the United States, initiated a peace marathon in Mogadishu to empower local Somali athletic federations and schools by providing sport skills training and by organizing sport events. The two former athletes are a good example of Diaspora investing in the social development of their country of origin. HIRDA has supported the Mogadishu Peace Run, recognising the positive effect sport can have on the cohesion in a community. Almost 2000 students from different schools, athletes and coaches participated in this event.  

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