Peace Football Tournaments

Where: Gedo region, Bay region, Jubba region
Aim: To promote peace and development through sport events. In addition, HIRDA aims to create an opportunity to build long-lasting friendships among the teams and participants
  • Created a network of 16 schools in Kismayo;
  • Organized 4 peace tournaments in Gedo region, Gelgaduud, Hiiran, Mudug and Kismaio;
  • Creation of friendships and the occasion to network for young Somalis.
Partners: Nike

Schermafbeelding_2013-06-13_om_14.35.50.pngHIRDA works closely with twenty schools in Kismayo and has developed a network with these schools. Young Somalis from different regions get the opportunity to interact with each other through sport. The Peace Football Tournaments resulted in friendships among young Somali people from Gedo, Bay and Luuk districts. The funds that were raised during the tournaments have been donated to the local administration to support their peace promoting activities.

In 2006, HIRDA expanded its peace-building sport activities to other regions in order to create communal relationships in a larger area.


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