Resilience Through Sports

Where: Amsterdam, Hoorn, Utrecht, Venray, Eindhoven, and Dordrecht
Aim: To empower the young Somalis in the Netherlands and to build their resilience through sport and dialogue.
  • Informed 120 participants;
  • 12 coaches on the Dutch system of education and justice are appointed;
  • Organised 6 resilience trainings and 2 football tournaments;
  • Created a network of 500 Somali youngsters.
Partners: Oranje fonds, VSBfonds, R.C. Maagdenhuis, Skanfonds, Nike and St. Boschuysen

Schermafbeelding_2013-06-13_om_14.28.35.pngThe aim of the project Resilience through Sport ('Weerbaar door Sport') is to support the Somali Diaspora youth in the Netherlands to improve the participation of Somali immigrants in the Dutch society. HIRDA recognises the vulnerability of this group and an important aspect to prevent criminalisation and radicalism among Somali youngsters is by informing them and engaging them in sport activities where they can channel their energy. HIRDA believes that the network among Somalis that is created through this project is valuable as the youngsters can support each other. In addition, HIRDA organises several information meetings and resiliency trainings to inform and to empower the youngsters.

Resilience through Sport engages six football teams in different cities (Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Dordrecht, Hoorn, Utrecht, Venray). The teams train every week and HIRDA organises a biyearly football tournament for these teams to compete.  HIRDA has been able to reach and support 120 young Somalis in the Netherlands with this project.

This pilot was very successful in 2012; HIRDA started the second phase of the project in 2013 with 180 participants.

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