Sport Kits

Where: Burao, Galkayo, Mogadishu
Aim: To engage pupils and students in sport as leisure activity in order to make them resilient against negative influences and to provide them sport materials.
  • Engagement of 18 lower and secondary schools;
  • 18 teams received sport kits, which they can use to play matches;
  • The youth is engaged in a dialogue on the opportunities to contribute to peace building
Partners: Nike

Schermafbeelding_2013-06-13_om_14.17.25.pngHIRDA provides sportswear to schools in its network. Nike supports HIRDA by donating T-shirts and football gears to the students. HIRDA is active in lower- and secondary schools for over 10 years. HIRDA has noticed in the previous years the necessity to support students with leisure time. This important observation is incorporated in the projects and HIRDA has established school football teams in several schools. The positive influence of sport activities contributes in making the students more resilient against negative and harmful influences from society. The sportswear the teams receive in the sport kits strengthens the feeling to play as a team. This connection proceeds outside the football fields as the youngsters form close friendships which each other.

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