The Covid-19 virus has held the Netherlands in its grip for a month. In a very short time, the cabinet had to take a number of drastic measures to protect the Dutch population. In addition to health problems, this crisis has also caused economic and social problems for the entire Dutch society. It goes without saying that certain groups are hit harder than others in different ways. We as the vanguard of the Somali community notice that there is a lot of ignorance and fear within the Somali community. At the same time, we also see that many underestimate the virus and its danger. It goes so far that when they get the virus they hide it from their own immediate environment with all danger to the community. This is because many Somalis rarely have contact with others in Dutch society outside their own community.

Because of the above-mentioned reasons, the HIRDA Foundation with a group of socially active members within the Somali community has joined forces to help the own community with the correct information provision of the Covid-19 virus and its health consequences. This also includes all other relevant information from both the cabinet and RIVM.

A Corona helpline has been set up to quickly reach communities looking for information in their own language. In addition, a Facebook page has also been set up; a survey about the impact of lockdown on the community has been conducted. In addition to that weekly information, webinars has been organized to update the community. Further, we developed information video clips and hosted with Somali national television debate about coronavirus.


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