Somali famous singer brings people to cry

April 17th, 2014
Somalis from all parts of the Netherlands gathered together in Amsterdam in wait of the Somali legendary singer Ahmed Naaji Sa’ad, who is popular for his moving songs and lyrics for decades. HIRDA organized this event to honour and thank Sa'ad for his songs that have contributed to reconciliation and peace building in Somalia. Together with SOMVAO (Somalisch…

Twelve new ambassadors to fight FGM

April 16th, 2014
Somalia is twelve FGM ambassadors richer who will use their voice to lobby against female circumcision in Somalia. For three days they received training in lobbying and advocacy by the local Somali NGO Action for Gender and Development (AGAD), where they developed the required skills in order to reach different community members about the long term painful m…

‘I am a woman and I do not practice FGM’

April 8th, 2014
Through TV, radio, and online social media 10.000 people throughout Somalia could hear for four months about the many problems women and young girls are facing in their daily lives as a result of FGM. With the support of HIRDA, local partner organisation AGAD launched a campaign from November 2013 until March 2014 to inform people about the medical consequen…

Resilience training also useful to coaches

March 16th, 2014
How to be resilient when you feel threatened or you find yourself in a threatening situation? Or how to react when you feel offended? Over 150 young boys are listening fascinated to the practical advice from pedagogue Absishakuur Halene, from Trias Pedagogica as well as boardmember of HIRDA, on how to act in a conflict situation in daily life. It is the fina…
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