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The two decades of war in Somalia have created a large population of orphans who have no adult family member to provide guidance while growing up. These children are in need of love, food, education, shelter, cloths and healthcare. They look up to grown ups for support and help. HIRDA believes that if they are ignored in this vulnerable situation, they might grow up to be a burden to the society in the future.

As a way to help alleviate the sufferings these orphans go through, HIRDA, in cooperation with Oxfam Novib, has enabled access to school for 180 orphans and children from poor families, by providing education materials and sponsoring their school fees. Contributions of other international organisations, Diaspora and individuals have been used to offer another 24 students access to school. Only 35 US dollars (27 euro) is enough to help a child to go to school. Of this amount 5 to 10 dollars (depending on the grade and the school) is spent on the fees and school materials, the remaining amount of money is spent on the family income of the child. Thanks to the sponsoring these children receive a chance to build a future for themselves and their family.

Become a donor and help these children to become educated. For 10 euro a month 3 children receive the chance to go to school. Click on a region on the right side of this page to make your donation!



Kismayo, Abudwak and Bardera


Increasing school access for the most vulnerable children and investing in their future


1400 children have been sponsored in the last 10 years.


Oxfam Novib, ARAHA




Educated youth is a fundamental aspect of development
As a result of the protracted civil war in Somalia, there are many orphaned children. These orphans are in need of food, shelter, clothes, education and healthcare. HIRDA sees a well educated, self-reliant Somali youth as a fundamental aspect of the development of Somalia. Therefore, HIRDA with support of ARAHA and Oxfam Novib has been able to support 160 orphans and children from poor families in Kismaio by paying the school fees and providing them with materials such as books and uniforms.

See who these children are:

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Where does the sponsoring money go to?
Oxfam Novib, Somali Diaspora and individuals have also made great contributions to the Somali orphans. Of the sponsoring amount, 20 to 25 dollars per month (depending on the grade and the school) is spent on school fees and school materials. The remaining amount is spent on the family income of the students.

Family members of the orphans are often taking care of them, but it is hard for them to take care of an extra child, due to low family’s income. This project increases the income of student’s families and it has contributed significantly to the increased enrolment in schools of children in Kismaio, Bardera and Abudwak. 


Girls also have the right to education
Moreover, in the Somali culture girls are not privileged to go to school, especially during this hard time families lack income to send all the children to school. Therefore, HIRDA also supports the sponsorship of school fees for girls in five schools in South Central Somalia. 

The objective of the sponsorship programme in Somalia is to increase educational opportunities for school aged children and to reduce gender disparity in schools. In most cases, boys are getting priority before their female siblings. To reduce the gender inequality, HIRDA promotes equal opportunities for girls as well as boys to enrol in school. 

1050 children
HIRDA has sponsored school fees for ($5) 700 boys and girls in the Oxfam Novib programme in 2008-2010. In 2011, HIRDA has sponsored 200 children in South Central Somalia and now sponsors approximately 150 children yearly. The selection of sponsored children is done by school education committees that consist of different stakeholders in the community. 

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