Lecture: Religious scholars and peacemaking

May 6th, 2014
Tomorrow, Wednesday 7th May at 18.00, HIRDA and SOMVAO will organize a lecture provided by the religious scholar Mohamed Sh. Ibrahim Kenyawi. Sheekh Kenyawi will speak about the role of religious scholars in peace making and development of Somalia. In particular, Sheikh Kenyawi will answer questions such as:

Support the Somali Taekwondo Team

April 30th, 2014
HIRDA calls on everybody to support the Somali National Taekwondo team who is participating in the African Taekwondo Championship on May 6th in Tunisia. After emerging from decades of civil war and social upheaval, the Somali Taekwondo Federation uses the sport to improve the image of Somalis and help the country climb out of poverty.

Peace Live Performance: Ahmed Naji Sa'ad

April 17th, 2014
In what way can Somali artists contribute to the peace building of their home country? How can they grasp opportunities to help rebuilding Somalia? To join this important debate, we are happy to invite you to the live performance of one of the oldest Somali singers alive: Ahmed Naji Sa'ad. Date: Friday 18th - Time: 8 pm - Location: will be here soon.

Closing day of Resiliency through Sport II

March 13th, 2014
Coming Sunday will be the closing day of the project Resiliency through sport (weerbaar door sport). The goal of the project was to enhance theComing Sunday the beneficiaries, the coaches and HIRDA will evaluate the project. The focus will be on what the youngsters and the coaches have learned in the past period, and what the next steps of the project will b…
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