Vocational Training

Location Bardhere, Gedo 

Ensuring youth get professional education
Expanding & strengthening technical know-how such electricians and carpenters
Giving young people various technical know-how to become electricians and carpenters
Supplying skilled labour force in the labour market in the future so they can help themselves and their families 


30 students enrolled in carpentry
35 students enrolled in  electrisity 

Partners  Local communities 

Due to the prolonged civil war in Somalia, most of the young people belonged to certain militia groups or they do so still. These young people need to be demobilized and there is no a functioning government in Somalia to do the job. HIRDA has started the demobilization through awareness programme to avoid confrontation with the warlords. Through this awareness programme, we got a volunteer young people willing to quit the militias and start a normal life. This process needs reintegration of these young people into the community and access to education.

These people start a new life and new identity which will depend on productive activities and new learning. Access to accelerated education is the only most requested support by these young people. The only possible educational opportunities for these people can only be vocational training, income generating opportunities and market-appropriate vocational training. To create an atmosphere of proper rehabilitation for these young people, HIRDA established a carpentry school in Bardere for the above purpose.

Till 2005 the vocational training provided was carpentry for the target group of young people leaving militias. The students who finished grade eight primary schools also needed further educational professional support to earn their living in the future. For that reason, HIRDA decided to expand vocational schools to: Carpentary training centre, primary programme education and vocational centre, social training centre.


Carpentry is one of the oldest professions practiced by humans and one of the first skilled crafts as well. The students in HIRDA School learn the art of carpentry in its primitive form because they use hand tools for Construction, repair and restoration and decorative woodworking. They use manual labor and frequent outdoor work exposed to the elements. We planned to expand the carpentry to compound an electrical branch so as the centre to function as multi-technical branches with improved equipment by providing power tools and stationary equipment.

We have projected in the three year plan the number of students in 2012 would be 40 students in each section but the students enrolled in carpentry and electricity were 30 and 35 respectively.

These numbers dropped further to 20 and 23 respectively. This was due to the problem of the famine in the region which touched the life of the community in Bardere and in the region in general.

The carpentry programme was two years and was designed for two modules. The first module in the first year students follows these subjects:

-Small woodworking projects
-Simple mathematical operations
-Blueprint reading (floor plans, specification schedules and electrical, plumbing and mechanical symbols)
-Technical science
-Material know-how
-English language  


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