Water Project

Where: Abudwak, Galgudud
Aim: To create access to clean water in Abudwak through piping.
Results: The construction of a two level water tower has turned the water well into a water company that provides clean water to 1800 households in Abudwak.

Dutch expertise and advisory centre for citizenship and international cooperation (NCDO), Somali Relief Fund (SRF) and local community, Human Concern International (HCI)

Somalia lacks adequate water resources due to constant droughts and lack of a functioning government over the years. Ground water is the main water supply to urban and rural areas in Somalia. Droughts lasting up to three years reduce the ground-water availability and this is a common problem in Somalia. The communities also lack the technical knowledge and financial resources to access the water supplies. The livelihoods in urban and rural areas depend on livestock. As the drought prolongs, the livestock decimates, driving rural inhabitants to urban areas as IDPs. Moreover, the conflict in Somalia further aggravated the situation.

In order to find a sustainable solution for the continuous problem of clean water, HIRDA established a water entrepreneurship that drills a water well mounted on a electric pump in Abudwak. Near the well, a water tank has been built for water storage. The well facilitates water trucking to the rural communities and their livestock. As a result of this entrepreneurship, access to clean water has improved as pipelines connect the well to the town and the community is enabled to independently control and monitor its water supply. Private business groups apply commercial rigour to both operations (energy consumption, preventive maintenance, staff management) and billing and revenue collection. The financial performance has improved as a result and has a lasting impact on the sustainability of the water supply service. The business groups have demonstrated a more professional management and improved sustainable water service quality. HIRDA is pleased to successfully empower the community in Abudwak in the distribution of water and to initiate local investment to improve the economy.

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