Play Out Project

Resilience_Project_3.jpgAs a part of its integration Project, HIRDA will implement a new project called “Play out” aimed to involve Somali boys who live in Amsterdam into the Dutch society. The project is follow up of successful project Resilience through Sport that HIRDA implemented in the past three years. . HIRDA hopes this project to establish a network between Somali youth, prevent crime and radicalization among Somali youth and introduce these newcomers to existing educational opportunities.

The project contains various activities that are designed to inform and motivate the participants. The planned activities for this project are;
Information evenings (orientation), Futsal Training, Resilience training, Personal training, Monthly informal meetings, Monitoring Sessions and evaluations at the end of the project. 60 youngsters in total will participate in this project.

Orientation meetings

Two information evening will be organized for the youngsters. During these meetings, the participants will be informed about the project. In addition to that, participants will receive information about Dutch Education and legal system, labor market and the culture of the Netherlands. This will be done through presentations and question rounds. The information will be provided by project team who consist, coaches and trainers. The purpose of this guidance is to provide information about the Dutch education and legal system to these young people, so that they know where they can ask questions about these issues and how they can find proper education.

Futsal Training and soccer tournaments
In three districts, futsal rooms will be reserved from September 2014 t / m April 2015. Each location will be used for two hours for the purpose of training the participants so that they can participate in HIRDA’s futsal tournament in December. During this training in each location there will be youth coaches and assistant football coach present.

Resilience Training

This training will be organized three times for young people who have not followed the above training. The purpose Based on the information obtained will be discussed with the youth or personal coaching is needed. If that is the case, the trainer in consultation with the project will take from HIRDA steps to help answer any requests for help the young people.

Personal support by linking participants to volunteers (mentors)

HIRDA will involve Somali volunteers into the personal development of these young new arrivals. They will be linked to Somali-Dutch students who will play the role of mentors for the purpose of guidance. Each mentor will be linked to one or more newcomer. 

Gaining work experience through voluntary work

This part is aimed to stimulate youngsters to work and participate in Dutch labor. In order to gain work experience the participants will be linked to refugee organizations (Vluchtellingwerk) or retirement homes to discuss where and whether these are appropriate places to gain work experience.

Informal monthly meetings
To ensure that the coaches get a better view of where the young people are struggling with, one meeting will be organized in which the young people can come together every two months with supervision of the coach. This way, the mutual communication can be stimulated and the young people can indicate their needs.

Monitoring Sessions

Every two months evaluation sessions will take a place to discuss what is going well, what could be improved and whether there are certain problems or other important issues. From each team, the coach and the assistant coach will be present. From HIRDA, the project coordinator and the director will also be present.

Finally, a reunion session will be organized where coaches, team coordinators, participants and other stakeholders will evaluate the project.



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