For effective and efficient implementation of its projects in Somalia, HIRDA office in the Netherland established an offices in Somalia in different locations with the vision of enlarging the contribution of the somali diaspora to the development.  At this moment the offices are running under the name of HIRDA Africa.  HIRDA Africa is responsible and accountable of projects and programs assigned with development partners such as UNICEF and other INGOs. HIRDA Board of trustee in NL and the management team decided in 2017 to let the organisation indepedent and be accountable for its counter partners and the communities where the organisation operates. HIRDA in the Netherlands focus on diaspora engagement on development of somalia and Horn of africa, humantarian response, Education, sport and peace, diaspora investment and integration of somalis in NL. HIRDA’s board and management team are, together with the executive body, based in the Netherlands. Together, they coordinate the activities in Somalia as well as in the Netherlands.

HIRDA Board Members

President Eng. Mohamed Abdisalan Egal
Board Member M. Sc. Mahgoub Idris
Secretary Sahra Abdi
Treasurer Abdishakuur Halane

HIRDA Netherlands

Director Fatumo Farah
Project AFT - Tournament and sport events Hanad Hussen
Project officer Fundraising katharina Tingri
Freelance ICT Abdullahi Egal
Volunteer Communication Abdihakiin BurBurshe
Volunteer Graphic Designer Barbara Neves

HIRDA Somalia

Project Officer- Abudwak Awil Abdulle
Project Officer Women Empowerment Fadumo Anod
Project officer Youth& sport - Gedo Hassan Mohmoud
Somaliland Focal point Nuuradin Muhumad

HIRDA-UK  and HIRDA Africa

are Indepedent organisations, registered 


in UK and in Somalia with their own board of trustee
Find more information from UK charity commision and MoIA
Somalia. HIRDA Office in NL is not responsible nor accountable
Any programs or projects assigned for those organisations.