Training enhancing Diaspora impact

Training enhancing Diaspora impact

HIRDA organized week training course last week of July 2021 In Mogadishu for HIRDA Somalia staff, partners, and diaspora volunteers with aim of enhancing diaspora development impact and capacitating HIRDA Somalia staff, partners, and diaspora volunteers to deliver a high-quality service to their beneficiaries in more effectively, efficiently, accountable, transparent and sustainable manner.

Training courses were Project management including project financial management and leadership skills. The participants have learned during the training project management from the initial phase up to the designing, implementation, monitoring, and project closing. Further, the participants have learned the project financial management and the leadership skills needed for successful project implementation. The training counted on the participation of HIRDA Somalia, an 8-partner organization, and diaspora returnees. 18 participants and 2 observers, with a very equitable gender distribution, attended a training course during the entire week.

Participants had a good perception of the training in general, they evaluated the course and the material provided as “very good” and needed. Most of them were pleased to have participated in the training and have the opportunity to have such training that the language barrier was not the issue. Training has been given in the Somali language and was easy for the participant to understand each step of project management and the leadership skills needed during the project implementation.  Participants indicated that there is a necessity for diaspora skills and experience transfer in the different areas of organizational development of diaspora-led organizations and their partners to make an impact on their programs.

HIRDA is planning to continue capacity building program and engage diaspora professionals in the development.  This project is part of seed funding of diaspora technical support (DTS) of African Europe diaspora organizations platform (ADEPT)

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