Social Investment

In contrast to the perception that Somalia has economically, socially, and politically collapsed during the civil war, the impact the statelessness of Somalia has had on the lives of Somalis more nuanced; despite the statelessness the relative economic performance in Somalia has improved and trade has flourished. The recovery of the Somali economy was greatly driven by the investment activities and the profits it generated in the past; the Somali Diaspora provided on average 80% of the start-up capital for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Somalia. As such, Diaspora investment can contribute significantly to boosting the economy and creating employment by initiating entrepreneurships and investing in existing ones.

HIRDA is doing just that: looking for innovative ways to use the resources of the Diaspora, particularly with regard to establishing a profitable business models that contribute to social development. HIRDA recognizes its advantage as a migrant organisation. It has a large rank and file worldwide that is more than willing to contribute to the development of their home country. This is also why HIRDA has established new partnerships with whom we are establishing sustainable social entrepreneurships in Somalia, funded and supported by the diaspora.